Spend On What Matters. Save On What Doesn't.

Save Easy. Live Easy

Use FoundMoney on your iPhone to build your savings.

No budgets, no coupons, no gimmicks. Just a fun, easy way to save more money.

FoundMoney is always free.

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Beat Your Best

Can you set a new multi-day saving streak? Become the user to have saved the most while visiting Starbucks? Set an all-time saving record?

By tracking money you've saved with the FoundMoney app, you'll unlock new achievements and rewards. How much you attain is up to you!

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Harness Existing Networks

No more checking dozens of Twitter, Facebook or other feeds to find ways to save at your favorite stores and restaurants. With FoundMoney, all of that information is in one place.

Plus, you can automatically help your friends by posting to your existing social networks.
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Stash Away Your Savings

Have you ever saved $25 on something, only to spend it elsewhere?

No more!

When you save money with FoundMoney, you'll have the option to move that amount to an account of your choice and watch your savings grow.
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Savings Tips, Customized for You

As you use it, FoundMoney learns what you like. It then suggests other ideas, customized to your interests, at other stores and restaurants.

Like a good friend, the more FoundMoney gets to know you, the more it can help.